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New EDC Canvas Line

New EDC Canvas Line The Wild Buck
The realm of bushcraft is not static; it adapts and grows with the changing times. In response to the evolving needs of both wilderness enthusiasts and urban dwellers, we present our EDC Canvas Line. This collection is a testament to purposeful design, catering to those who value both rugged functionality and everyday convenience.

Currently, our EDC Belt Bag is available, representing the first in this series of offerings. Constructed using Kodura 600D fabric, this bag provides a durable and waterproof option for those seeking a dependable carry solution. This high-density material ensures longevity and offers protection to your belongings, whether you're traversing through the woods or navigating city streets.

More items from the EDC Canvas Line will be added to our bushcraft shop soon, continuing our commitment to offering gear that seamlessly integrates form, function, and durability. Whether you're a seasoned bushcrafter or someone who values quality and practicality, our new canvas line has something to fit your needs.


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