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What is "Batoning" ?

What is "Batoning" ? The Wild Buck
Batoning is a technique used to split wood with a knife, which can be useful for creating kindling or splitting logs into smaller pieces. Here's how to do it:

Select a suitable knife: It's important to use a knife that is suitable for batoning, which means it should be sturdy and have a thick spine to withstand the force of hitting it with a baton or another piece of wood.

Choose the wood: Choose a piece of wood that is straight and free from knots or other defects.

Create a notch: Place the knife at the end of the wood and strike it with a baton or another piece of wood to create a notch. The notch should be deep enough to hold the knife in place but not so deep that it weakens the wood.

Insert the knife: Insert the knife into the notch, making sure it is securely in place.
Strike the knife: Using the baton, strike the back of the knife to drive it through the wood. The force of the strike should be directed towards the center of the wood to split it in half.

Repeat the process: Once the knife has been driven through the wood, remove it and insert it into the newly-created split, then repeat the process to create smaller pieces of firewood.


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