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What should your basic survival kit contain?

What should your basic survival kit contain? The Wild Buck

Here are some ideas for a small survival kit that can fit in a compact container such as an Altoids tin:

  1. Fire Starter: A small lighter or waterproof matches, along with some cotton balls or dryer lint for kindling.

  2. Shelter: A small emergency blanket or bivy sack to provide warmth and shelter from the elements.

  3. Navigation: A small compass or whistle with a built-in compass to help navigate and signal for help.

  4. First Aid: Basic first aid supplies such as band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers.

  5. Water: Water purification tablets or a small water filter straw to filter water from natural sources.

  6. Multi-tool: A compact multi-tool with a knife, saw, and other useful tools.

  7. Food: High-energy snacks such as energy bars or trail mix.

  8. Signal: A small mirror or whistle to signal for help.

  9. Cordage: A small amount of paracord or other strong cordage for various uses.

  10. Duct Tape: A small roll of duct tape for various emergency repairs.

Remember that this is just a basic list; you can customize your kit to fit your specific needs and situation. It's important to regularly check and replace items in your survival kit to ensure they are in good condition and working properly.


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